Why Are We

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Step 2

to finish our insanely effective and secure Smartphone2Smartphone Payments Software (Smart2Smart Pay). Our payment software is based on NFC-technology (supporting SIM, eSIM, eSE). It works exactly as the current contactless payment systems (Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Google Pay, etc.), but instead of using point of sale (POS) terminal—payment can be made from your smartphone, directly, to another smartphone.


Launch Day – The release of our Smart2Smart Pay; Super Smart Currency and UCI – Universal Comfortable Income, which can be used globally as a medium of exchange (money) in a parallel economy—and no, you don’t have to spend your hard-earned money to buy it, because we will give it to you for FREE! – more details on the Super Smart Currency and establishment of UCI after the completion of STEP 2.


  1. Who are we? – A non-profit company (like Wikipedia), beneficial to everyone
  2. Where are we based? – Currently we are based in Austria, Greece and Estonia.
  3. What is our ultimate goal? – Freedom of creativity
  4. What is Super Smart Currency (SSC)? – Decentralized by default, globally accepted medium of exchange (money), which can be used in a parallel economy.
  5. What is UCI? – A certain amount of Super Smart Currency, defined by the “common sense of comfortable living” in your country of residence.
  6. How can I use SSC? – You can use it as a medium of exchange (money) with everyone. This includes: individuals, companies, and administrative organizations who have also joined the network.


It’s about you and everybody else and freedom of creativity. We want to give everybody a chance to do something that they really liked, and would want to do.


Send your suggestion(s) / question(s) here: oracle@worldharmony.org