Who are we? – A non-profit organization (like Wikipedia), beneficial to everyone

Where are we based? – Currently we are based in Austria, Greece, Estonia, and by the end of 2019 we will be represented in all of the 197 countries in the world

What is our ultimate goal? – Establishing Universal Comfortable Income (UCI) for everybody in the world to use unconditionally

What is Universal Comfortable Income (UCI)? – A certain amount of digital currency, defined by the “common sense of comfortable living” in your country of residence. It is decentralized by default, a globally accepted medium of exchange (money), which can be used for your everyday purchases

How does Universal Comfortable Income works? – All you need is a smartphone with the latest updated version of iOS or Android, downloading our application, verifying your identity and after a successful completion – the first amount of UCI will be delivered to your smartphone. Non-smartphone version will also be available later this year.

How can I use UCI? – You can use it as a medium of exchange (money) with everyone who has already joined the network.


Send your suggestion(s) / question(s) here: oracle@worldharmony.org